Performing My Best

“I’ve always wanted to have a neighbor just like you.
I’ve always wanted to live in a neighborhood with you.”

                                                                     – Mr. Rogers

With our Performing My Best session, you will be able to:

  1. Recognize which areas of life seem most out of balance (based on the results of the assessment) and why
  2. Articulate what contributes to your wellbeing in each of five areas: Career, Social, Financial, Physical, and Community
  3. List brain/body habits that may be affecting your ability to thrive
  4. Identify areas where aspects of your wellbeing are in opposition to your strengths
  5. Create an action plan with solid next steps to focus on improving your wellbeing

In 1999, Fred Rogers was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame by a man who appeared on his show as a boy. ln his acceptance speech he said, “What ultimately matters (with fame, or with life, or with love) is what we do with it.” :

As I mention in my About page, I taught undergraduate and graduate courses on the topic of how media has affected society and how our sense of community (our neighborhood) has changed. In my research for the courses,  it became clear that the world we try to navigate today presents very different challenges than generations before us. Societal problems have always existed; what has changed, for most of us, is the sheer number of life aspects we consistently juggle just to survive and the lack of time and energy to balance them all. Do you have the time and energy to thrive?

When the television show Mr. Rogers debuted in 1963, most people still knew who their neighbors were, held block parties, participated in bridge and garden clubs, and enjoyed other events that kept them in touch with their community (tribe of friends). The sense of community portrayed in Mr. Rogers neighborhood was idyllic but not rare. If there was a crisis, it was often a common crisis because people knew each other and were by default, part of each other’s lives. Do you have a tribe of deep friendships? Do you connect with these friends regularly?

Today we often don’t have a tribe; our relationships are superficial. We come home exhausted from a day at work, pull into our garage, close the door, and retreat to rooms at the back of the house so it isn’t even clear from the street if anyone is there. We find that what little energy we have left is used for activities that seem more like competitions than relaxation. As a society we work more than ever, we don’t take all our vacation time, and we spend more time apart from family and friends who can support us when things don’t go as planned. While this certainly isn’t the case for every household, it is common enough to be statistically significant. Do you want to be able to apply your time and energy to living more purposefully?

Life is a balancing act; the key to managing equilibrium is to identify the things you are best at, reducing the “noise” that takes up time but doesn’t bring value, and eliminating the things that work against the way you are wired. WiseGuides gives you the guidance to help direct your time and energy at maintaining a healthy life balance.


Emotional Health & Well-being





  • Review Clifton Strengths assessment – This is a $15 assessment you take ahead of time. Click here to access the Strengthsfinder site.

  • Review Emotional Well-being assessment –

    Purchase the book and assessment for $16. Click here to access the Wellbeing site and purchase.

  • Review work-life balance

  • Evaluate environmental stress

  • Create a body/brain health profile

  • Evaluate your interests, values, and talents

  • Determine ways to stay balanced in an unbalanced world

  • Gain agreement on action steps

  • 2 post-session check-ins

$399 – 2 hours

**The information provided by WiseGuides is solely for developmental personal use and education. It should
not be treated as a substitute for professional assistance, psychotherapy, or counseling. In
the event of physical or emotional distress, please consult with appropriate health care
professionals. The application of information in any session is the choice of each individual,who assumes full responsibility for his or her understandings, interpretations, and results.WiseGuides assumes no responsibility for the actions or choices of any client.

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