Something is happening in society. You can feel the unrest. Job stress…relationship issues…a general feeling that we have lost a sense of purpose at a time when having a purpose seems to be more important than ever. We look for answers in what we eat, what we believe, and who we associate with but in many cases, we are so overwhelmed with life that we fail to hear the most important voice of all: our own. Each of us is an amazing and complex system built of physical attributes, hard wiring, and passionate dreams, all of which need to be maintained in equilibrium for us to be our best possible selves. Do you live to work, or do you work to live? Are you exhausted at the end of your work day? Does your work allow you time for family, for community, and most importantly – yourself?

WiseGuides embraces a holistic approach to helping people discover their best selves. We utilize a number of assessment tools and research depending on the service provided and we take into consideration the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual factors that make you who you are. Contact us here.

The process

The process at WiseGuides is to be able to help illuminate those things that are already inside you. Nothing we discuss should be a surprise – it should be an encouraging affirmation of the things you already know, the dreams and hopes you already have, with a plan to make those things a reality.


Know Yourself

This is the foundation of what we do. We often utilize a strengths assessment tool to determine what you are uniquely best at, and how those things appear (or fail to appear) in your daily life. Using a holistic approach, we also look at other factors such as how health, stress, and environment impact your ability to walk in your strengths. It is not uncommon to find a strengths profile that reveals a natural acumen in an area that doesn’t find its place in a person’s daily life. For example, a person who has a high acumen for creativity but has a job working in a rule-driven career with a lot of repetition will have a persistent level of stress because they are consistently working against a strength.

Find Your Place

Armed with a better understanding of who you are, we can now construct your optimal environment. We often use an emotional well-being assessment that reflects your feelings about your career, your social networks, your financial stability, your physical health, and the strength and support of your community. Frequently there are one or two areas that identify themselves as needing better alignment because they don’t flow with your strengths. I am a firm believer that if a person utilizes their strengths in what they do for a living, they will be happier, they will make enough money for the lifestyle they wish to have, and they will surround themselves with friends who share their goals.

Be Content

Contentment is a holistic state of being that comes from within. I once heard someone describe it as “nothing missing, nothing broken”. It incorporates how you live, what you believe, and your positive or negative perspective about life and about your future. It is where you take what you have learned in the previous stages of our work together and you become accountable for better aligning who you are with what you do. Don’t worry – you will always have the support you need in terms of optional follow-up sessions, a support network with other people like you, and regular blog posts and articles about living in your strengths.

Dr. Deborah (Debe) Wise

As a career educator and mentor with a PhD in innovative education from the University of Colorado, I had many students who returned to college after several years in the workforce. They returned because they wanted to advance professionally but they had no idea what to do once they earned their degree. The only thing they were sure of is that they didn’t want to continue to do what they were doing, day after day, with limited success.

The courses I taught were in my area of expertise and research regarding self-identity and how modern media and society shapes how we see ourselves. I have always considered myself more of a guide to my students, encouraging them to think critically and to apply what they were learning to their own lives, rather than merely earning a grade. Seeing how passionate I was about my students and their successes, many of them began to ask me to meet apart from class. They wanted to more deeply apply what they were learning to their own situation and I realized I had found an even more rewarding career path than teaching, as I saw how my guidance helped them navigate life and career choices.

Another aspect of my teaching and research that has carried over to WiseGuides relates to what happens in our brain when we receive and process new information (as we do in learning). This study has lead to my work in play in learning, brain learning preferences, and overall brain health. While we all have genetic pre-dispositions to certain preferences, how we mentally see ourselves has a huge impact on how we perform and what we become. We can train our brains to be our best friend or our worst enemy. In order to offer you my best, I have partnered with the following organizations as a certified practitioner:


Dr. Daniel Amen M.D., founder of the Amen Clinics, is a neuroscientist, double board certified psychiatrist, and ten-time New York Times bestselling author. He is one of the world’s foremost experts on using brain imaging tools to help optimize and treat his patients.

As an Amen Clinics Certified Brain Health Coach, I am able to assess the overall brain health of an individual through a thorough evaluation of lifestyle, family history, and other environmental factors, in order to help my clients improve their brain health and function.

Visit the Amen Clinics website


The Neuro-Link Learning Receptiveness Profile is a practical instrument to discover people’s unique learning potential, how uniquely they process information, which preferences they have when learning or thinking and it also indicates areas for future development.

The LRP™ Advanced + Assessment provides feedback on 13 brain profiles, which consist of 6 drivers that influence brain performance and 7 factors that make up a person’s neurological design.

Visit the Neuro-Link company website



LEGO Serious Play (LSP) is an incredibly innovative and creative method for helping individuals and teams break through the fog of decision making and get to the root of strategic problems. LSP gets everyone at the table involved and helps each person articulate a story that might otherwise be lost. Decisions are modeled with 100% shared ownership and in far less time than other, traditional methods.

WiseGuides is a natural extension of those things I do best. It allows me to encourage, to educate, to guide, and to share my research regarding aligning who we are with what we do

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