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Aligning Who You Are With What You Do

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Life is a balancing act; the key to managing equilibrium is to identify the things you are best at, reducing the “noise” that takes up time but doesn’t bring value, and eliminating the things that work against the way you are wired..

Professional services looks at the organization as a whole and how individuals can be better mapped to roles that are aligned to their own talents and attributes. This is not just organizational learning or change management but a new way to look at motivating employees, increasing productivity and building a unique organizational brand.

Books, coaching, and workshop materials are available for purchase. Like what you see? Want to see more? Shop for resources here.


What others are saying.

  • Deb is a rare individual – a free thinker, but one with tremendous organizational skills. I contributed in a small way to the realization of her vision for House of Flames, a live music venue in Second Life; and during the time I worked with her, I was continually impressed with what she was able to accomplish. I have seldom worked with anyone with her enthusiasm, forward thought, and drive. These qualities make it easy for her to attract good people and forge the partnerships that enhance her capabilities and make her a force to be reckoned with.

    - Mike Simpson, Manager of Search Development at IgnitionOne

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Like most others, I have had several “careers” in my life. Some were more rewarding than others and the positions I held the longest were not always aligned with the professional vision I had for myself. When I was raising a family, the jobs I held were chosen according to the needs of my family, […]

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